Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Forced Family Fun

Sorry its been practically a month..things have gotten very busy here with school work and projects. Here are some pictures from when my family came!

During my week off I was accompanied in Bonaire by my family!! They stayed in a resort about a half a mile up the road from me. We had no real plan of meeting up so on Thursday morning a caught a ride with one of my friends down to their resort on his moped. After frantically waving to Jack after hopping of the moped and him not recognizing me at all I joined them all for breakfast on the beach…okay he wasn’t expecting me and I just cut my hair. The rest of that day was spent renting mopeds, going to the grocery store, snorkeling and
swimming and figuring out a plan for the rest of the week. We ate dinner at a delicious Argentinean steak house that I had passed several times but was of course waiting for the fam!

The next day we took our mopeds on a ride to the south side of the island. We stopped at the Donkey Sanctuary along the way! Donkeys were one of the first animals brought to the island as a work animal. Today they are everywhere (including one digging in the dumpster next to my house that I scared away tonight). The volunteers at the sanctuary bring in sick, hurt and abandoned donkeys from around the island, nurse them back to health if they need in and then they live in a huge pasture and get fed everyday along with spending the day grazing on the little edible vegetation.

Nick fed them some of our apples..they loved it, and they loved him too!
We then ventured down to Sorrobon the windsurfing capital of the world! Some of my friends decided to go windsurfing that afternoon so we watched them try it out while we ate lunch on the beach. We had plans to go snorkeling so we decided that Nick and I would try the following day.

One of the interns at my school works on a sailboat that does snorkeling around Klein Bonaire, the small marine protected island to the west. We went on a sunset sail that include free drinks and snacks like fresh pineapple and rum punch! We also got to jump of a do a snorkel while floating along the cost and the boat picked up a few hundred meters down. We saw lots of fun fish and about 5 turtles too!!

On Saturday we went back to Sorrobon to windsurf. Nick and I may have found our hidden talents! It was pretty difficult, I was sore the next day, but definitely doable and very fun!


After snorkeling with Nick and hardly being able to get him out of the water/ always losing him because he was free diving down to see the fish and corals closer, I decided that scuba diving was a must! He took a quick class and then we went out with one of the dive masters from the shop I always dive out of. It was a really cool dive we saw a lionfish, a frog fish-an ugly squished face thing, and an octopus! Unfortunately we never got a picture together in our gear..

We ended the weekend with another lovely night out! It was really great to have them here J

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