Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Go Abroad?

I'm sitting here in Kennebunk Maine, 25 degrees and snowing, the night before I begin my adventure, thinking about why I did decide to spend three and a half months in a county I know nothing about, with people I have never met, for an extended amount of time, learning about things I'm not 100% sure I'm interested--I feel like a crazy person! My answer truly is, why not?

Throughout my early college years it was never really a question of should I study abroad? But more of, where should I go? According to pretty much everyone who has spent a semester away, studying somewhere, anywhere, is a fantastic experience (a short version of many longwhinded explanations). So, I figured it is something I should take advantage of. I do not think that I will ever again in my life have this much time to spend in another country without any major responsibilities. I am already paying a normal semester of college tuition, I may as well do something different while I am given the chance.

So, why am I going to Kralendjick Bonaire?? This was the hardest decision I've made in a long time. I thought long and hard about what type of abroad experience I wanted to have. My main reasoning for choosing and work intensive marine biology program is because of my interests and desired career path. I have aways been into biology, hence my major, with a particular interest in the ocean. I love animals and being around the water. I knew "the world was my oyster" and I could literally choose to go anywhere in the world but I figured I should try and get the most out of the next three months. I am hoping that this experience will help me decide if marine biology is really the field I want to go into. I love studying biology at St. Mike's in Vermont, but I wanted to go farther and really explore something I think I could get involved in for the rest of my life.

So, why not go abroad, why not completely jump into (literally) my biggest interest?

Here goes nothing!

I thought I'd spare some of you the Google search asking where Bonaire is. 3-7 miles wide, 24 miles long

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